Disparity Of Infant Mortality

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What are the steps that can be taken to improve the disparity of infant mortality in minority communities?
According to the Minority Nurse Journal, African American babies are 2.5 times likely to die compared to non- Hispanic white infants, there are similar results in comparison to American Indians. The research for the last 30-50 years shows that this health disparity continues to increase. The United States has an infant mortality rate of 6.7/1,000. Among non-Hispanic African Americans, the rates are nearly doubled, with 13.4/1,000 infant deaths, according to statistics compiled by Spong et al.
In addition, the Texas Healthy babies program has found that very low birth weight babies are less than 2 % of the births.
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Infant Mortality and the Presidents Party”, infant mortality rated decrease when there is a Democratic President and increase when there is a Republican President. In addition, when this trend is focused on the infant mortality rate of African Americans was more than twice as high.
General Public: American citizens are interested in the lowering of the infant mortality for two reasons; the first is because this rate is considered to be an indicator of the general health and well-being of a country. Secondly, the infant mortality rate has a variety of causes such as SIDS, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, education, interpersonal violence, chronic maternal conditions, sleep environment, congenital abnormalities and ethnicity. Several cities and states have initiatives to combat the high rate on infant mortality in minority communities especially the African- American community.
There are several cities, such as Milwaukee and Detroit and states, such as Indiana and Ohio that have a goal to reduce infant mortality rates , especially amongst African- Americans. The benefits are enormous, such as the length of hospital visits for the mother , the mental health issues and better health outcomes for the
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It would be necessary for President Obama get a “media blast” concerning the rate of infant mortality in the U.S.
He would need to get the support of the Congress for the financial cost because a program of this magnitude would be expensive. However, not getting this option started would allow us to continue to have an extremely high infant mortality rate, especially in the African- American community.
Option 2: Meet with such organizations as the National Medical Association, Black Nurses Association, Black Social Workers, Black Psychology and Psychiatrist Associations and Black Midwives to start a nationwide initiative to provide African American pregnant women the access to prenatal care and counseling. This option requires collaboration and finances. It may seem to some as a little prejudicial if they are unaware of the infant mortality rate in the African- American community. The collaboration would be extremely beneficial for the mothers and infant. The program would be called Mzaa which is Swahili for mother.
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