Dispatch Weather Essay

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Giovanni Delgado 4/29/12
FLT 443 Prof. Proscia

Dispatch Weather
In the aviaiton industry weather is one of the most important subjects. When the weather changes, there are changes in the conditions of a flight as well. Since weather changes so often, every flight is different. Changes in weather can happen during flights as well as between them. Both dispatchers and pilots have to be ready to deal with various changes in weather conditions and have a plan. Having a good understanding of weather is very important for a dispatcher. Even the aircraft's performance changes depending on what kind of weather conditions are expected. If an aircraft will be flying on hot and humid day the
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It shows cloud cover visibility and precipitation at different stations. * The Radar Summary Chart is issued hourly, and shows radar precipitation echoes, and areas of possible precipitations. The Constant Pressure Charts is issued twice a day and valid for 12 hours. Comes in a graphical format and shows location of high and low pressure systems, and winds aloft. Charts cover different flight level from 5000 to 39000 feet. Finally, the Winds Aloft Chart issued 3 times a day comes in a textual format, shows wind speed, direction, and temperature.
All of these charts and weather reporting data give a dispatcher many ways to view the weather is order to plan a flight and of what weather can be expected at different phases of flight. But just being able to read the charts and tell what kind of weather will the flight encounter is not enough to be able to make good decisions on a flight plan. Dispatcher and pilots also have to be aware of what the different weather conditions have on an airplane and what changes can become of the given weather. When a dispatcher starts a flight plan any number of possibilities must be planned for such as engine failures and diversions into alternate airports which must be planned for. If the weather at the departure airport is below landing minimums an alternate plan of action has to be made, in case plane has to return. There are rules for how far can a
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