Displacement And Delay Of Photography

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Displacement and Delay in Photography
“Photography endows place with a certain freedom, liberating place from the commitment to a specific point in time and space, exposing some generic dimension that exists there, enables place to be a ‘sort of place’ (…).” Taking into account the sentence of Miki Kratsman, I would like to present his photographs entitled Territory and the way in which they relate to the concepts of space and time. First, it is necessary to emphasize that the author, born in Argentina and later having immigrated to Israel, during his career has often documented the difficult Israeli-Palestinian situation. Moreover, his interest in reporting from this area of conflict is significant since he appears as “one of the few Israeli journalists who still cross the border today” The project “Territory” was realized in 2005, seven months before the evacuation of Israeli settlements present in the South of the Gaza Strip. Thus, the photos do not show the direct conflict between two populations or what remains of a place tormented by war, on the contrary, they exhibit a zone, an agglomerate of houses and lives about to disappear forever. Although when Kratzman has reached Gush Katif only a small part of the inhabitants has already left their home, what emerges through the images is a feeling of absolute desolation and emptiness. Therefore, despite its being populated, this piece of land seems to be…
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