Essay about Disproportionate Minority Contact

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Jake Huston
Criminal Justice 205

Research on police and prosecutors reveals that uniformly they disagree that discrimination occurs in their agency and office. What then explains the disproportionate minority contact that occurs and the disparate treatment within the prosecutor’s office?

Although police and prosecutors may contend that discrimination does not occur within their agency but that does not mean discrimination doesn’t occur. The facts show that minorities are targeted much more than whites. There are many factors that contribute to this. I don’t believe it is any one agency that specifically targets minorities but rather the criminal justice system as a whole. The interplay between the media, the
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In the video Law and Disorder in Philadelphia the policemen said they are able to tell right away who is a criminal and who isn’t. This is blatant discrimination. The video also shows that the police are concentrated in poorest parts of Philadelphia that have the most crime. These projects are filled with minorities. If the police are concentrated in the poor areas with minorities and not in the predominantly white suburbs there will obviously be more minorities being arrested than whites. The culture of the inner city greatly helps to perpetuate crime. Thomas Winston in the documentary Life and Death of a Dealer talked about how growing up he felt that there was no option besides crime. He started selling drugs at the age of 13. He also said that a dealer can make $15,000 a week but working minimum wage only yields about $110. (1) In the book Code of the Street by Elijah Anderson he describes how the culture in the streets is accepting of drug trafficking. On page 110, subchapter THE CULTURAL ECONOMIC CONNECTION, Anderson says that the lack of jobs has made the underground economy an easy and lucrative industry to enter. He talks about how a family whose main concern is paying bills wont let the criminality deter them. If you can’t find a job you are going to find some way to make money. This acceptance of criminality creates many problems. In Law and Disorder in Philadelphia the cop says that he couldn’t point out one house in the
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