Dispute Resolution And Religion Class

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Shaima Alharbi Dispute Resolution and Religion Reflection Paper #4 “DR and Abrahamic Faiths" In Dispute Resolution and Religion class, by Prof. Pownall, three presentations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were presented each by a group of it’s believers. As every group had the opportunity to explain their faith and beliefs in their religion, I acknowledged that there are many resemblance between the three Abrahamic religions or at least in the point of “peacemaking”. In this paper, I would like to outline despite resolution in the three monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dispute resolution can be found in all of the three Abrahamic religions’ tradition. As for the Judaism, there is an example of “peacemaking” appears in the story that was presented by the Jews group which is Aaron the older brother of Moses. Actually, the story dose not indicate the dispute resolution only, it also indicates an example of the leadership in Judaism tradition, when Aaron was the temporary leader during the absence of his brother Moses. When the followers formed a golden calf to be an object of worship, Aaron went along and formed it instead of preventing them. Aaron decision was based on peacemaking as the Judaism tradition described it. There are many types of peace that have been mentioned in Torah as it was stated in the presentation that was presented by the Jewish group. In regard to Christianity, the presentation that was presented by the
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