Dispute Resolution Innovations

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Dispute Resolution Innovations
This paper will discuss innovative alternative dispute resolutions and how they may be used in a controversial conflict scenario. The writer will discuss these methods using an actual conflict scenario, describing how individuals involved in the conflict will benefit from these innovative methods rather than costly courtroom litigation. Alternative dispute resolutions are clearly the most beneficial conflict solution regardless of gender, cultural influence, and identity.
Conflict Scenario The conflict scenario discussed in this paper is that of parenting differences regarding discipline between a husband and wife. The scenario includes the controversial subject of whether a child should be
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McDowell and Sussman (2004) state “In negotiation, the disputants discuss their differences and move toward a settlement acceptable to all parties. Negotiation is the least costly resolution technique because the parties themselves control the process and voluntarily reach a solution”. This method insures that the best interest of the child is of top importance and both sides are heard.
Beneficial Outcomes and Cost Savings
The beneficial outcomes of alternative dispute resolution strategies are quite significant. The couple has a better chance of resolving their conflicts with a professional whom understands the couples differences and work through them than a judge who does not. Litigation rarely benefits both parties and may not come to a judgment that’s in the best interest of the child. A healthy relationship between all individuals involved is usually more successful with alternative dispute resolution strategies.
Another benefit to alternative dispute resolution strategies is the cost savings. If the couple were to seek litigation it would take much longer and would require expensive legal costs. According to McDowell and Sussman (2004) “ADR processes are designed to be faster, more streamlined, and more informal than litigation. Many of the costly procedures associated with formal court processes, such as filing appeals and motions can be eliminated”.
In conclusion, while this
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