Disputes Over the the Design Argument and The Theory of Evolution

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The debate between the Design Argument and The Theory of Evolution has garnered endless disputes. The Design Argument, DA, is the argument that a higher entity exists and that he designed all life sources with a purpose in mind. Charles conceived the Theory of Evolution, TE. His theory was not assembled to explain the origin of life; it was to explain the origin of species. The fine-tuning argument is a rebuttal that I will also be discussing thoroughly. The Design Argument attempts to explain that the presence of purpose in an object requires a designer. The universe as well as all living beings is founded on complexity. The complex order of parts that has a function is in itself evidence of purpose, of a maker. The Design Argument states that because certain biological features seem to be designed, they must have an intelligent designer. Hence the appearance of something designed marks a designer. An example of an object that exists due to something else is a watch. A watch needs a watchmaker, just like a house needs a house builder. Everything that has come to exist needed to have a constructor with a motive in mind. The argument of intelligent design argues that all things have order and are set towards a goal (and) come about with intentions of reaching or fulfilling said goal. Living beings are complex and require order to work efficiently. They consist of many different parts that all come together (intertwine) and interact in order to function.
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