Disputes between Texas Rangers and Mexicans

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In the late 1800 there were many problems going on, on the border of Mexico and Texas between the Texas rangers and the Mexicans. The disputes between the Texas Rangers and Mexicans caused many people to die for no reason. The Texas rangers patrolled the border to stop from anybody going pass the border or anything that looked suspicious for them. The reason there were so many for why there were problems on the border but, the main reason was that no one wanted to stop the Texas rangers because everyone was scared of them. During the time of all the problems on the border many Mexicans were dying because of the Texas rangers because they killed on sight if you looked suspicious of any kind of criminal activity. The Texas rangers would do anything they wanted they would steel, and kill because no one could stop them because they were the high power. The Mexicans were treated horrible during that time they would kill them for no reason, treat them horrible, and when they would kill them they would hang them or any other crude way. The Texas rangers had a lot of hatred towards the tejanos so they went by the shoot first rule. The tejano kids had to go to separate schools because there was segregated schools. Whites had there on schools and tejanos went to a different school. (p80 Carnes). A very big person during this time was pancho villa a guerrilla leader that would attack Americans to create havoc for the Mexican president. Many Mexican ranchers
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