Disrupted Circadian Rhythms

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Hypothesis: Disrupted circadian rhythms has negative effect on sustained attention. My Initial Hypothesis In life, we all encounter those night where we can’t seem to get to sleep. This can be due to insomnia or having a lot of things to do and little time to do them. During college and afterwards people will begin to deal with a lack of sleep more and more as they gain more responsibilities. I’ve always heard it’s not good to go without sleep and I agree with this thought. This was confirmed when we had a lecture on consciousness. We discussed how our sleep and wake schedule, biological clocks, bodily functions, etc., are controlled by circadian rhythms (Truelove, 2017). When we ignore circadian rhythms, it leaves us open to an increased…show more content…
It also showed me that it can become quite dangerous even life threatening. I now see its extremely important to let your body get rest so the circadian rhythms can happen as they should. The body doesn’t react positively to sleep deprivations. As stated earlier circadian rhythms assist with many other bodily functions such as body temperature. Not allowing these functions to reboot properly have a negative effect on the body. Personally, I love getting a good night rest and the articles I’ve found have only deepened my respect for the art of sleeping. The benefits far out way any other things that could come from not allowing yourself to rest. The effect of disturbing circadian rhythms are quite worry some to me. Being a college student I feel the pressure to get things done on time and I don’t get to sleep as much as I should. I can see how it affects me and I worry for those who have even more going on than I do. I think we need to make sleep a priority just like we make eating. In class Truelove told us that you can die from staying up for and extended amount of time. Which, can also happen if you go a long time without eating. It’s very important for us to take care of bodies especially while were young so we will be in better shape as we
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