Disrupting Comfort Zone

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I believe in disrupting your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone plays a large role in personal growth. It is being able to challenge yourself in order to attempt a task that you may or may not succeed at. As children, we were naturally drawn to taking risks but as we get older we begin to fear failure and stop attempting new things. We take great comfort in knowing that we can control what comes next, therefore, we develop a fixed mindset and stick to it for the rest of our lives. It was my sophomore year in high school when my youth pastor presented the youth group with an opportunity of a lifetime. He explained that in July of 2013, three teams would be organized to accompany him on a mission trip to the country of Belize. The moment I heard about the opportunity I wanted to jump on the idea, but at the same time I was afraid of the commitment that it would be. I continued the application process and concerns were brought to my attention. Many being that I would be in a different country, apart from everything that I knew. Another being that I would have to eat food that I didn’t like and I am a very picky person. My main concern was the team that I would be chosen to serve with. Being on team one meant that 80% of what we would be doing involved interaction with children. Children…show more content…
I began to question myself. Questions like: Do I really want to do it? If I didn’t, would I care so much about it? I was tough on myself because I wanted to make the right decision. It was in that moment I realized that I had to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I knew that this could be challenging and hard, but it would also be rewarding and so worth-it. It turns out that I was right. To disrupt my comfort zone meant to challenge myself on a level I thought was incomparable. This entire trip and all of its challenges taught me the best way to keep growing was to surround myself with tough situations and challenging

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