Disruptions In The Classroom

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Case Study Six
Mr. Jones year 5 class, has students that are gifted, have high functioning autism, and anxiety. Support is not yet determined. As a teacher, he wants to exude a sense of efficacy. According to O’Donnell et al. (2016) “self-efficacy’ is being perceptive and having the ability to manage situations. Dealing with additional needs O’Donnell et al. (2016) emphasised that “89 per cent” of children aged “5 and 14 years” go to “mainstream” schools. Disruptions in the classroom due to the environment not being set up will affect all students. KidsMatter (2012-b) communicates that research articles only focus on individuals with impairments, however, being inclusive applies to all students to value holistic development in the classroom.

Gifted students have great cognitive skills with aptitudes to obtain achievement greater than peers (O’Donnell et al., 2016). Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA] (n.d.) expressed students vary in abilities and some gifted individuals have trouble turning “gifts” into “talents”. They learn more quickly and teachers should address the student and the
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Comprehension skills are problematic but they have “advanced word knowledge” and recall. They have no awareness of others when socialising and may have problems with others. Students can be distant with “specialised interests” which are obsessive. Teachers provide “curriculums” to meet needs through “individualised learning plans.” Teachers present language based experiences such as “fact finding missions’ to build interaction skills. “Speech pathologists” and “school psychologist” can assist teachers and allow parents to come in and assist. Teachers present “predictable routines”, clear commands and tutelage. Teachers, need to highlight emotions and all students how to interact with one
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