Disruptions Of Marriage By Daniel Van Der Zee 's A Secret Sorrowful

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Disruptions of Marriage

Marriage is depicted as an adventurous lifestyle between two “soul mates” for an eternity, but during the 20th century women were viewed as house wives. Gail Godwin’s “A Sorrowful Woman” and Karen Van der Zee’s “A Secret Sorrowful” illustrate how men exceed boundaries to satisfy women. These two narratives demonstrate how children can play a huge part in a couple 's marriage from different perspectives. “A Sorrowful Woman” and “A Secret Sorrow” demonstrate how the husbands so dearly loved their family, although Godwin implies the marriage is slowly falling apart, Van der Zee reveals an infertile marriage that is prosperous and full of love.

Reality shows marriage is full of curveballs that are destined to be throw at a married couple; however, when things are at rock bottom of a marriage is when love has to be at its strongest. Marriage can bring a family closer together or either tear them apart, depending on how the two “soul mates” perceive life. Not having the ability to get pregnant may affect a marriage, such as in “A Sorrowful Woman” when Van der Zee elaborates on how Kai has nightmares because “the dream...clutched at him as he watched her walk out of his life.”(Van der Zee 39). The two stories show the amount each husband deeply loves their wife. Kai expresses how much love he truly has for Faye by telling her there is no other woman out there like her because she is “original” (Van der Zee 36). The husband in Godwin’s narrative tells his
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