Essay on Disruptive Behavior in the Healthcare Setting

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Introduction People must conduct professional behavior to be successful in their professional role and disruptive behavior threatens the patients’ safety. As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the disruptive behavior is intentional actions that disrespect others and create unsafe environment in delivery of patient care (Juengel). Many factors contribute to the disruptive behavior in the work setting, for example, stress, fatigue, frustration or burn out. This type of behavior causes trouble in achieving desired goals and may delay in patient treatment. This paper will briefly explore how a healthcare professional shows disruptive behavior and ways to correct this behavior. Recognizing Disruptive Behavior Like…show more content…
These unprofessional behavior disrupts a healthcare team member’s ability to achieve intended outcomes below is few consequences of disruptive behavior (Juengel): affect the performance as a team contribute to medical errors compromise patient safety negatively impact healthcare organizations' reputation impact patient satisfaction Correcting Disruptive Behavior: In order to prevent or decrease incidents of disruptive behavior, one must identify the behavior, learn to address the problem and try to find acceptable solution, failure to address to problems results in promoting the undesirable behavior. There are many contributing factors like stress, fatigue, frustration, and burn out that ultimately causes people to disruptive behavior. In order to decrease this type of behavior, one must first try to find the factors that are causing one to behavior unprofessionally and try to eliminate those factors. If a person has many incident when he/she is not in control of his/her behavior then it is important to trust and seek help from others including team members, peers and leaders. Instead of struggling alone having other people's support gives hope and courage to overcome the difficulties. If there are frequent cases of disruptive behavior by healthcare workers then the healthcare organization could try to prevent or decrease these kinds of behavior by adapting code of professional conduct and
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