Disruptive Behaviors

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Research/Literature Review
Disruptive and Violent Behaviors in the Classroom: Where do we begin to solve the problem? According to Random House Dictionary (1992), discipline is defined as “behavior in accord with rules of conduct.” It is an essential part of classroom management. Discipline in the classroom enables a teacher to focus on the task at hand, which is education our children. It also keeps a classroom or school in order and created a safer environment in which to learn. Disruptive behaviors in the classroom affect not only the student involved but also the teacher and other students. For example, if a student exhibits disruptive behavior as a means of gaining attention by throwing paper or talking during class, he or she
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This survey, conducted from 1987-88 to 1993-94, noted that elementary school teachers are reporting “physical conflicts as a moderate to serious problems” (Rossi & Daugherty, 1996). Possible Causes and Consequences of Disruptive/Aggressive Behaviors According to child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Baer Max Ackerman (1998), there is no single pre-determining factor that causes aggressive behavior in children. Nature and Nurture interact to make up a child’s personality. This section of this paper will focus on both, internal and external factors that may cause aggressive and violent behaviors in children. Internal Factors Rossman and Morley (1996) give several internal and external causes for crime and violence in children. The biological factors or stressors include fetal alcohol syndrome, or crack babies. The factors impair the individuals’ abilities to exercise cognitive controls or engage in stable social relationships. This idea is also supported by Lorraine Wallach (1996), she states, “…brain research links early deprivation and abuse with physiological changes…which can be neurological or chemical may make the afflicted individuals susceptible to violent and addictive behavior”. Other research (Massey, 1998) indicates the consequences of violence in the early years include shaken baby syndrome
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