Disscuss the Contingency Approach to Management

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| Definition of contingency(noun) by the Oxford Dictionary noun (plural contingencies) * a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty * examples: a detailed contract which attempts to provide for all possible contingencies * a provision for a possible event or circumstance: stores were kept as a contingency against a blockade * an incidental expense: allow an extra fifteen per cent on the budget for contingencies * [mass noun] the absence of certainty in events: the island’s public affairs can occasionally be seen to be invaded by contingency * [mass noun] Philosophy the absence of necessity; the fact of being so without having to be so. Origin: mid 16th century (in the…show more content…
One attraction of the contingency approach among theorists and practitioners alike is its situational perspective. Those interested in research issues regarding organization and management can use the contingency perspective to explain why some factors influence situations in one setting but have virtually no influence in another setting. Indeed, one objective of research within the contingency framework is to specify those dimensions and conditions that do affect a situation and those that do not. For the manager, the requirement from the contingency perspective is to identify which technique will, in a particular situation, best contribute to the attainment of organizational goals. For instance, under some circumstances, an authoritarian leadership style may be more appropriate than a leadership style that tries to get workers internally motivated.tuation. While the contingency approach is useful in recognizing that the complexity involved in understanding human and organizational systems makes it difficult to develop universal principles of management, there have been several criticisms of the approach. For one, it has been pointed out that the logical extension of the contingency approach is that all situations are unique. If this is true, then management can be practiced only by intuition and

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