Dissection Of Easter Morning By Robert Frost

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Dissection of Easter Morning The poem “Easter Morning is a part of the poetry produced by A.R. Ammons in 1981. A.R. Ammons was interested in the sciences but also held a love for literature. He liked to involve nature in his work. “Easter Morning” is very abstract, has tropes that further the images presented, and is not confined to form. “The perception of human ambiguities and abstract possibilities in homely bits of nature may have originated in Robert Frost.”(N.A. 288) His work like most other authors of his time is influenced by others like Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams. This poem is heavily influenced by Robert Frost. Frost likes to create poetry that helps you bring some meaning out of a situation presented in nature. For close inspection, the form, sentence structures, and syntax are a highlight of what he wants to convey to the reader. “Easter Morning” is in written free verse and divided into verse paragraphs.” (enotes.com) Along with the other literary figures of his time that have an influence on his work, this poem is truly free verse. It doesn’t have any syllabic pattern, or run-on sentences. The syntax is very clear, coherent. It is almost childlike in its simplicity. This adds to the overall feeling Ammons wants to convey to the reader. The sentence structure is very precise. He leaves some words all alone that are to cause a break in the reading. They also leave the reader thinking why he did that. “…all in the graveyard assembled, done for,

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