Dissertation on Employee Retention Techniques

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EMPLOYEE RETENSION AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A CASE STUDY OF ICELAND UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, LONDON (STORES: LAYTONSTONE & GANTS HILL). By MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN STUDENT NUMBER: 109811 A DISSERTATION PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND SEPTEMBER 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Declaration The work I have submitted is my own effort. I certify that all the material in this Dissertation, which is not my own work, has been identified and acknowledged. No materials are included for which a degree has been previously conferred upon me. MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN Date: 18/01/2012…show more content…
It has also now term as the key strategic parameter for any organization to keep their employee motivated in order to survive and running all the other organizational activities such as restructuring, re-engineering, reorganizing and more (Clark; 2001). Skilled staff should be given importance as an strategic tool because it help company to retain the skilled employees who can not only respond to the dynamism but also are able to help organization to achieve its pre set objectives (Whitener; 2001). The key parameters of the employee retention are the major activities & functions of Human Resource Management Department of any company, so, it can be said that the role of HR Department in any company is of very crucial nature and the key requirement. Human Resources department operational in current scenario is continuously engaged in preparing and implementing strategies to retain talented individuals with the company. Whereas the major issue in employee retention is their expectations and rapidly growing market with more lucrative and competitive offerings. Therefore, it can be easily noted the recruitment and selection of skilled individuals is a same level equal challenge as the retention of those employees with the company. It is now very important for the companies specially the multinationals and global
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