Dissertation on Employee Retention Techniques

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EMPLOYEE RETENSION AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A CASE STUDY OF ICELAND UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, LONDON (STORES: LAYTONSTONE & GANTS HILL). By MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN STUDENT NUMBER: 109811 A DISSERTATION PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND SEPTEMBER 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Declaration The work I have submitted is my own effort. I certify that all the material in this Dissertation, which is not my own work, has been identified and acknowledged. No materials are included for which a degree has been previously conferred upon me. MBA STUDENT ADNAN USMAN Date: 18/01/2012…show more content…
Challenging Work Assignment and Opportunities (CWAO): 55 5.3.4 Remuneration and Recognition (RR): 56 5.3.5 Intent to stay (IS): 58 5.4 Summary of Descriptive Analysis: 58 5.4.1 Inferential Analysis: 59 5.4.2 Explanation of Questionnaire and Coding of Data for Correlations
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