Dissociative Disorder Essay

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Dissociative disorder is a disorder characterized by involuntarily escaping reality. A person with this disorder may be in this state for what feels like hours but in actuality it is only a few minutes. Dissociative disorder can be split into four different categories such as Dissociative amnesia, Dissociative identity disorder, Dissociative fugue, depersonalization disorder. Each of these disorders share the same symptoms. Some symptoms include memory loss for certain periods of time, mental heath problems, a sense of being tied off from the rest of the world, and a having difficulty identifying ones’ self. Dissociative disorder is said to be caused as a way to cope with trauma. If a child is being abused physically, sexually, or …show more content…
When this occurs, the patient is likely to have one or more personalities with personal histories, names, and even different genders. In rare cases, if the personality needs corrective wear, the person with the disorder will need glasses or contacts to accommodate the personality. It becomes so real to the person that it could possibly take over their life. In the book Sybil, she had sixteen personalities, two of which were men. They all had different traits and they we all different ages ranging from children to her actual age and everything in between. When Sybil would look in the mirror when she was a different personality than herself, she would see the personality in the mirror, not what she actually looked like. This type of disorder could keep a person very confused. The third type of Dissociative disorder is Dissociative fugue. People with this condition further themselves from their real identities. In some cases people may leave work, or home and travel far away to a place they have never been and adapt into a whole new lifestyle without being aware this is occurring. For example a person that used to be terrified of heights may leave for a day and go to an amusement park and ride all the roller coasters. This would be totally out of character for them but they are not aware they are doing it. Although with this disorder you may change back to your normal self at anytime. When this fugue lifts, a person may feel
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