Dissociative Identity Disorder And Social Anxiety

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People have had mental illnesses since the beginning of time. In this generation, the right look and the right actions are what everyone is looking for. Perfection is the aim, to ¨fit in.¨ Though, when we see someone with a mental or physical illness, we automatically jump to the conclusion that those people are different and we can’t be seen with them for the sake of a simple reputation. People know that others who suffer from these illnesses are different, yet they don’t question what is happening to that person because of their mental illness or how much they’re outcast. This brief article is to show what exactly these people are going through. Mental illnesses such as dissociative identity disorder, social anxiety, bipolarism, post traumatic stress disorder, or obsessive compulsive disorder make some people stand out. They make the lives of people who have them very difficult and stressful. They do understand though when people are being mean; they might not understand why, but they know you’re not being kind. Dissociative identity disorder is an illness that takes place when two or more distinctly different personalities appear and alternatively take over an individual’s body. People with this disorder have severe memory loss and normally don’t remember even changing personalities. Some people believe that the symptoms of these patients are brought out through the suggestion of therapists, but scientists have watched the changing of personalities over brain images.…
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