Dissociative Identity Disorder And The Disorder

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Disorder and Topic The disorder I chose to research for my paper was Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder is formerly known as multiple personality disorder and is characterized as an individual presenting two or more alternate personalities. Those said personalities are said to essentially help an individual escape the stress and overwhelming struggles of everyday life (Traub, 2009). As for my topic I chose to explore was whether or not Dissociative Identity Disorder even existed. The reason I chose to explore DID was the curiosity I have always had over the disorder, because I feel that I have a sister that has a mild form of it and it is something I always have struggled with understanding. My older sister I believe has a mild for of the disorder, was indeed severely traumatized and sexually abused for years as a child. After watching Sybil I do have a better understanding of what DID is and how childhood trauma can definitely attribute to this disorder. So when choosing my topic of whether the disorder even existed, I definitely wanted to explore why the disorder is still typically a debate of existing or not and what has been researched on the disorder.
The three articles I chose to explore on DID all compare and contrasted the validity of existence pertaining to the disorder. Thee first article compared its validity to what generally constitutes a mental disorder, and its challenges. The second article surveyed psychologist…
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