Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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I have never met anyone who has any sort of psychological problem, so I had to start thinking about fictional characters who displayed such characteristics. After thinking about the numerous movies that exist with characters who display psychological problems, one particular film came to mind. Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island is a perfect example of someone who displays dissociative identity disorder. Even though the movie leaves the audience curious as to whether Daniels actually has multiple personality disorder, it is evident by the end of the film that Daniels has dissociative personality disorder. The people who are unfamiliar with this film and main character, Teddy Daniels was once a detective who had a…show more content…
184). Taking this statement into consideration, it is evident to see how Teddy Daniels in this movie has developed his dissociative identity disorder. In the movie, Daniels wife murders all three of their children, and upon Daniels discovering this he experiences a great deal of depression and in turn murders his wife, which results him being committed to Shutter Island. The psychodynamic perspective makes that point that people with dissociative identity disorder have a tendency to repress their memories from traumatic experiences, and attempt to do so by pretending to be another person, just like Daniels. In the movie, he makes up a character by the name of Andrew Laeddis who Daniels claims had actually murdered his wife, but it is made clear to Daniels by the end of the movie that he is also Laeddis. Using the this model makes it easy to see how Daniels develops his dissociative disorder. Beyond the psychodynamic view, there are other views that can explain this psychological disorder. The behavioral view is another theory that is used to explain dissociative disorders, according to Comer (2011) “behaviorists believe that dissociation as a response learned through operant conditioning...like psychodynamic theorists, behaviorists see dissociation as escape behavior. But behaviorists believe that a reinforcement process rather than a hardworking unconscious is
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