Dissociative Identity Disorder

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This research paper is about Dissociative identity disorder (DID) as known as multiple personality disorder. DID in which a person could have many different parts to their personality due to severe stress and an experience of a trauma. A person with DID when the have control over their one identity they cannot remember what they did when their other identities were in control. Most of the time people with DID have two personalities but they could have more than two which is referred as alters. Then it’s a task for the professionals to communicate with the different personalities and have an effective relationship with any personality that causes the violence, destructive behavior and find a way to terminate it. Dissociative identity…show more content…
There was a woman name Eve white, who is a wife and a mother. When she started to face the blinding headaches and occasional blackouts, she was sent to personality psychiatrist Dr. Luther, and she was diagnosed with DID. Eve White was diagnosed with personality name Eve Black. Eve White had no idea about Eve Black. Eve White was depressed, sad etc, on the other hand, Eve Black was fun loving and wild women. After Eve White’s husband discovers this disorder in Eve White, he abandons Eve White and their daughter, Bonnie. Eve White was sent to asylum when Eve Black attempted to
Dissociative Identity Disorder 5 kill Eve White’s daughter. Eve White had no idea about this incidence. As time goes on, Eve White was diagnosed with third personality known as, Jane. Jane was the only personality that knew everything that was happening with Eve White and Eve Black. After discovering third personality, Eve White marries a man name Earl; she met him when Eve White was playing Jane. So we can see DID can come in many different Phases, so we can’t really predict what happens to the person till it actually happens. Also one of the famous movies Fight Club is a very good example of dissociative identity disorder. In the movie the main character is tired of his different daily routines and suffers from insomnia. He becomes friend with Tyler a soap salesmen on the plane coming back from a business meeting. After meeting Tyler again at a bar the main
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