Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Imagine waking up in a new house, town, city, even state and not knowing how you got there. Now add onto that thought of forgetting almost a year of your life because someone else, or something, has taken over your body. That is just a look into dissociative disorders in general. Dissociative Disorders are ‘extreme distortions in perception and memory” (Terwilliger 2013). Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is often the most misunderstood dissociative disorder of them all. It has always been somewhat of a mystery. Seeing videos of the disorder can really give you an insight on what happens with the person who suffer from it. Almost everyone in the…show more content…
By just a single movement of Gmelin’s hands, he could make the woman switch though her personalities (“A history of”).
The one case to put Dissociative Identity Disorder on the map and to actually get this disorder recognized was Sybil Isabel Dorsett’s (Sargent 2007). Sybil was put under severe trauma from her mother when she was a little girl. The way she counteracted the trauma was by making sixteen different personalities (Sargent 2007). She made more than anyone has ever recorded before. Sybil’s real name was actually Shirley Ardell Mason (Neary 2010). There was a book and a movie written about the case. Shirley was treated by a female psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Connie Wilbur (Neary 2010). Wilbur treated Shirley until her death in 1998 (Neary 2010). With Shirley Mason in therapy for Dissociative Identity Disorder, again back then it was named Multiple Personality Disorder, she tried to convince Dr. Wilbur that she was faking the sets of personalities and that she was in perfect health by writing her a letter:
”I do not really have any multiple personalities. ... I do not even have a ‘double.’... I am all of them. I have been lying in my pretense of them.” (Neary 2010)
Shirley was soon recognized by a lot of others so she moved by Dr. Wilbur where she lived out her days (Neary 2010). Even though this was the most famous case that was about dissociative identity disorder doesn’t mean this is the
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