Dissociative Identity Disorder

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“Dissociative Identity Disorder” Through out the years there has been many disorders that continue to be diagnosed on people, many can be difficult to deal with. Some of these disorders can be uncontrollable and can make it harder on the patients who are trying to get better. Disorders are not sicknesses that can be cured and gone with a couple of doses of medicine, disorders are serious problems a person has to deal with usually if not for a large amount of time, it can be every day for the rest of their life. Sometimes they can worsen with time but others can better as well. Dissociative identity disorder is one of the many disorders which is uncontrollable and difficult to deal with. Patients with this disorder suffer from many symptoms and because of that they can find it hard to live their every day life on their own. Dissociative Identity Disorder has a background that shows that it is caused by many psychological reasons, many cases and stories also prove the same but there is always people who disagree and believe the disorder is unreal.
Psychology plays an enormous role in Dissociative Identity Disorder it is the way of explaining the disorder and the troubles the victims got through. In “Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Literature Review” by Mcallister, Mcallister states ways in which psychology connects with DID. Phycologists have and continue to study this disorder closely. They explain how this disorder is developed by many abused children. These children
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