Dissociative Identity Disorder

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The DSM-5 defines dissociative identity disorder (DID) as the occurrence of a minimum of two different personalities and maybe more than two. It also clarifies that the switching between the distinct personalities can be observed by the individual who is suffering from dissociative identity disorder or witnessed by others. (Barlow, 2014, P. 1). This disorder used to be known as multiple personality disorder, which is more recognized and understood to people without a psychology background. This disorder can be quite intense to including the different identities have different names, backgrounds, and memories. Dissociative identity disorder is fairly common in clinical residents. It is believed that dissociative identity disorder has been around for as long as human populations have been around. The most primitive cases of an individual suffering from DID correspond with early cases on Mesmerism. Mesmerism was also known as hypnosis or animal magnetism. There is a reason for these two occurring together in history and that is they have an inherent association. The main thing DID and Mesmerism share is that they both deal with the uncovering of several modified states of consciousness that were out of the ordinary.
The early 1800s gave us the first written records that describe dissociative identity disorder in very accurate terms, some of the terms are similar to the way we still describe them today. In 1811,
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