Dissociative Identity Disorder : Sybil And Primal Fear

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Rachel Milbourn
Dr. Ozegovic
Abnormal Psychology 210
7 October 2015

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Sybil and Primal Fear In the films “Sybil,” and “Primal Fear” both characters Sybil, and Aaron seem to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder. According to Comer (2014), someone with dissociative identity disorder, or also known as multiple personality disorder establishes two or more recognizable personalities, often called alternate or sub personalities. Each personality has their own particular set of behaviors, memories, emotions and thoughts and will most likely have a primary personality that emerges more often than the other personalities. “The transition from one subpersonality to another, called switching, is usually sudden and may be dramatic. Switching is usually triggered by a stressful event, although clinicians can also bring about the change with hypnotic suggestion.” (Comer, P. 159, 2014) According to Comer, the subpersonalities of people with dissociative identity disorder all often portray startling different characteristics. They also may have their own names, different identifying features, abilities and preferences, and even physiological responses. “ It is not uncommon for the different subpersonalities to have different abilities: one may be able to drive, speak a foreign language, or play a musical instrument, while the others cannot.” (Comer, P. 160, 2014) When someone with DID experiences switching of the personalities, they seem to
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