Dissuading China to Using the Threat of Force Against Others Essay

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We live in a world where America’s world dominance is beginning to fall. That is not because the decline of America, rather other countries are beginning to rise as global powers. One of these countries is China. Since the later 1970s, when China opened up its market, its economy has been on a dramatic rise. With this dramatic rise in China’s economy, it has given rise to a strengthening Chinese military power. Today China is a major player in the affairs of Southeast Asia and the world. China is also becoming more and more aggressive with its territorial desires. I believe that the United States should implement a few long-range steps that could constructively engage China, while also dissuading and deterring it from using force or the…show more content…
The South China Sea dispute is an ongoing dispute between many of the Southeastern Asian nations. China could use this new assembly to plead their case to say why they deserve the territorial right to the South China Sea and the other countries that claim power could debate with China why they believe differently. Countries can debate in the United Nation’s about the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, but I believe it would make more sense to create a more centralized organization that would be focused on Pacific affairs. It would make much more sense for countries in the region to debate the issues that are revolving around them in an organization similar to the Pacific Nations Committee. The countries in Southeast Asia that are having the territorial issues could have a chance to use diplomacy rather than military means. The United States could be a broker in this debate over the South China Sea. The United States has no territorial dispute in the South China Sea, but wants the sea to have freedom of the seas. Since the United States has no say in the South China Sea they would be neutral. Countries who would be members in the Pacific Nations Committee, but like the United States are outliers in this particular dispute of the South China Sea, would be neutral and therefore would be ideal countries for being brokers in the deal. I believe that this organization I have recommended creating would help deter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea

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