Distance Education Essay

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Distance education has changed and grown a lot from external studies and correspondence education during the last century. Distance education has become a recognized phenomenon today, thanks to technology which has shortened the physical distances.
DEVELOPMENT OF DISTANCE EDUCATION The evolution of Distance education could be divided in four periods. The first period was from 1850 to 1960, this generation used correspondence classes which used radio and instructional television. The second period was from 1960 to 1985. This generation highlights because of the use of multiple technologies for example; fax, print cassettes, radio and videos. The third period was from 1985 to 1995. This period is characterized for the use of the
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Sometimes those were delayed for weeks. “Professor plus” was another way of DE in these time. The professor was a television instructor in an on-campus class and the plus was an assistant who was in the classroom and provided assistance to the students. Then class cessions began to be prerecorded for those who for some reason had miss class. This videos were mailed also to the students who lived in remote zones. As Distance Education continued progressing, teachers at the same time had to improve their televised teaching; for example, during the broadcast teaching the instructors had to repeat the questions and the corresponding answer. The instructors also learned how to help the distance students to feel like they were part of the class by looking directly to the cameras. Teachers learned how to do not talk too fast and not too slowly; they also learned to short the content presentations by editing down the videotaped classes. But, the most effective strategy that they used to do a good job was the constant evaluation to the program as evolved, to make it better. The look of DE changed with the coming-in of the internet and the affordable access to the personal computers. since that time this program has been developed over. ED will continue to evolve in parallel with the continued development and growth of telecommunications.
ADVANTAGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION Distance education does not require
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