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Distance Learning In recent years, there has been a trend in the way that many major institutions of higher learning have been teaching their students. This change of pace in the education world is what is known as distance learning. Distance learning is the form of schooling that can be done over the Internet, and never actually being forced to be present in a classroom or even on the campus. According to Joel Snell, correspondence courses were the predecessors to what we now know as distance learning (258). Many people say that distance education is the future of our nations’ education, however there are many arguments against the wide spread establishment of distance learning programs. Although distance learning may…show more content…
Another problem that arises with distance learning would most definitely be the level of retention. Many of the colleges and universities that are experimenting with the implementation of distance learning have found that the level of retention for distance learners is less than what it would be in comparison to the retention level when dealing with classrooms. In an article written by Mariani, the dean of distance learning at Brevard Community College says, “That students who liked this method of learning, either out of convenience or necessity, would take a course online, but our retention levels were significantly lower than in a traditional classroom (7).” Some reasons for the drop off in retention for distance learning programs are the lack of time, loss of motivation, and also, no longer can afford to take these courses. At any given time, a person who is working and trying to take college level courses at the same time may become overwhelmed by either one of the aspects in their life, and thus no longer have the time or motivation to continue their studies. The affordability of distance learning will always be a concern for many. According to Lynnette Porter, a distance learner must pay the standard fee to take a

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