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Distance Learning Many institutions of higher education are experimenting with changes having to do with class offerings. According to Keegan, “It is not easy to define distance education.” An early descriptive definition states that distance education learners are usually taught as individuals and not in groups (Rossman 8). Distance education can be thought of as instructional delivery that does not constrain the student to be physically present in the same location as the instructor. Distance learning is a newly emerging trend that many institutions are taking advantage of. At the present, this type of learning is primarily used for those people who cannot attend courses on a campus. Distance learning is just another sign…show more content…
According to Tessler, “Neither the entire world nor any one nation can be healthy and thrive while large percentages of people lack adequate education for health care, jobs, and survival.” Frequently emerging distance-learning programs have many great attributes that are important in the ever-changing society. Some of the main goals of these emerging programs include: Enriching face-to-face teaching, upgrading the qualifications and skills of teachers, providing instruction where not enough teachers are available locally, and providing instruction where teachers or education cannot be provided (qtd. in Rossman 27). Our school systems are always suffering for funds and always looking for quality classes and quality educators. Distance learning programs can offer education to a large population of people. The cost of quality distance learning programs versus the cost of attending a university is less also. Distance learning programs are easily accessible in many different ways and can be altered to accommodate the different lifestyles of people today. Distance learning programs are great in that they offer a wide variety of classes to those people who normally would not have the time or financial ability to earn a degree at a regular institution. There are hidden barriers that have been found while trying to implicate distance education

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