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Distance Learning missing works cited Definition and Description of Distance Education Distance education is any academic learning method that lets the teacher and the student participate and communicate in a convenient manner, while sometimes in different places and sometimes at different times. The distance education concept has allowed a diverse set of individuals to continue their education, whether it is for personal or professional satisfaction. The teacher is still able to create, design, and plan with goals and objectives, and the student is able to learn and experience through the distance (Davey, 1999). Another word that is associated with distance learning is multimedia. With the use of multimedia, the learning is…show more content…
The distance learning involves computer based instruction. This kind of training takes about fifty percent less time then a face-to-face seminar. The text and the graphics, and the time are the incentives for the distance learning. The type of training areas that the businesses specialize in, when using distance education, are information technology, sales, and management training (Corporate distance learning, 1999). Videoconferencing in businesses is also a way that they use distance learning. It was found that with videoconferencing about thirty percent of the time is learner interaction, where the student is asking questions to the experts, working with others, and typing on the keyboard (Hancock, 1999). Hancock also mentions how the American Red Cross uses distance learning to encourage interactivity and "self-directed learning" to create skills such as, leadership and business proficiency. In fact, the American Red Cross has over a sixty percent distance learning involvement, and people were very eager to learn, using this system. Also, companies like Ford and Lucent are successful companies that use distance learning with their training and development departments. Lucent uses the "business television", which is a network used with the human resources department to promote business (1999). Education and Instructional Technology Side of Distance Education There are many aspects

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