Distance Learning Uses Online Capabilities to Provide High-Quality Education

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Distance learning capabilities have benefited students and employers for many years. Correspondence schools, providing coursework through mail, have existed for over one hundred years. Distance learning makes available higher education to the non-traditional student. Degree seeking students’ demand for online curriculum has driven growth for this type of distance learning capability. Now offered by reputable universities, online campuses make available quality education for the full time worker while the employer maintains a fully productive employee with escalating skill sets. Distance learning using today’s online capability provides high-quality education benefiting both employers and full time working students. Since the late…show more content…
Accessibility to learning is greater than ever, benefiting full time workers whose work locations and schedules are inflexible. With today’s technology devises, even the frequent traveler is never far from the online classroom. Distance learning eliminates having to choose between earning a living and earning a degree. Increased acceptance and demand for quality online learning capabilities have forced reputable universities to focus on this method of delivery. Allen and Seaman (as cited by DiRienzo and Lilly, 2014) reported that 65% of over 2,500 colleges and universities surveyed considered online learning “critical” to “their long-term strategy” (p.1.). Individuals desiring an Ivy League university on their resume can now accomplish this through online offerings. Universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale currently offer online degree programs. Additionally, many reputable state universities now offer online degree programs. This presents access for those desiring a degree earned through their family’s traditional university to do so while working and residing anywhere in the world. These highly sought after universities strive to provide quality faculty and coursework through the online experience meeting reputable expectations. Online learning’s susceptibility to fraud is a constant focus and the main driver for negative perceptions. Highly regarded universities strategizing and offering online learning has

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