Distance Learning for a College Degree

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Getting a degree at home is easy today. With the revolution of modern technology and communication it became more opportunity for people who like to be educated without having to go to universities, colleges or schools, studying at home with less cost like books, housing and gasoline. Distance learning shortened stress and save the effort for those interested in learning and knowledge. Now, for example: the learners can do their assignments and exams whenever they want and works at the same time, the mother as well as learning and taking care of her children ;also to those couch potato who like siting and laying down, distance learning is more comfortable for them. So much fun! But everything has positives and negatives sides, there are some negatives about distance learning: Technology problems, social communication and poor quality degree. Technology problems, the student may face some problems of using computers and the Internet by not adopting. Some students have a few expertise in using internet like looking for useful educational websites, search for information and use reliable sources websites; also find difficulty dealing with blackboard since many universities offer it. Also, the problems of technology internet network outage or crash the student's computer suddenly, while the student following-up lessons, uploading files or assignments or answering an online quiz that would lead to lose a lot of marks. However, using computers and internet for a long time it led

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