Distance Learning vs. Traditional Education Essay

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Teachers expect students to abide by certain rules set forth at the beginning of the classes they attend. Preparation of materials and participation in class discussions are some of the requirements for classes. The rules of each class differ by subject and teacher. In the past decade another variable has been thrown into the pot, the environment in which classes are taught. Classroom rules may have to change to accommodate virtual classrooms. Ellen Laird has been teaching via the internet for many years. Ellen teaches the same courses in the classroom and online and she has written about her experiences with distance learning, also known as e-Learning, or online learning. In reference to the difference between the two types of classes …show more content…
More and more students that would not usually be able to attend college now have a chance to further their education. As this type of learning environment grows, the realization of how different the education a student receives becomes clearer. Both students and teachers are expected to put forth more effort and work into what they do. Many people want to try distance education courses because they are more convenient, but are not necessarily less work. In fact, most would agree that they are more difficult. Distance education courses are like independent studies. You have to read all the material and understand concepts in order to answer questions and be able to participate in discussions with classmates.

Teachers are put through special training in order to equip them with the knowledge they need in order to run an online classroom effectively. The American Federation of Teachers published the “Distance Education Guidelines for Good Practice”. One of the first guidelines says, “Faculty teaching Web based courses must possess strategies and skills to communicate with their students electronically in the absence of visual and oral cues.” Teachers must put in extra time in order to acquire the skills needed to teach distance education. They have to learn or know the system well enough so that they can effectively teach students in the classroom. If the teacher does not know what they are doing the class will fall apart.

The preparation time for teachers in
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