Distance Running Research Papers

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Distance running is not simply a sport of endurance, it is an art of statistical strategy. Through the collection and analysis of data, coaches and runners are able to describe, compare, and relate important aspects of training that will allow athletes to run faster and push the limits of the human body.
On my cross country team, I’m known as the numbers kid. I can effortlessly recite the personal records of nearly every member of our team. My Sunday mornings are spent crunching the numbers of the results from various meets that took place the day before. I spend hours analyzing the statistics of teams and using the data to create hypothetical team scores. This allows me to compare teams that in reality have never even raced head to head. Cross country is one of my true passions and the mathematics behind it is one of the main reasons I fell in love with the sport.
The commonalities that exist between math and cross country have captured my interest and allowed me to thrive in the classroom. One class I have found particularly interesting is my AP Statistics course. It fascinates me how often I am able to apply the content I am learning to real life situations. It is so common for students to question the need for learning the material in their curriculum, however, as a teacher
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My own coach, Mr. Iverson, has had such a profound impact in my life and has sparked a desire in me to make a difference in the lives of young people in the classroom, and on the cross country course. He has taught me life lessons that I will carry with me long after my running career comes to an end. A major in mathematics with a minor in secondary education would prepare me to fulfill my dream job of combining my love for math and my passion for cross country to ultimately assist others in pursuing their own
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