Distinctive Distinction Between Subjectively Studying Religion

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When it comes to religion there is a clear distinction between subjectively studying religion and objectively studying a religion. The difference between a religious scholar and a religious practitioner is that one is opinionated based on their original beliefs and the other one brackets their original beliefs to objectively provide information about the religious study.
Author CF discusses a popular theistic ritual in the religion of Hinduism. He describes how priest and lay people perform “Puja” every day in their homes and temples. The Priest and lay people perform “Puja” in front of the deities’ pictures. Author CF concludes that “Puja” is a ritual that gives praise to the powerful gods and goddesses, and is generally used to signify personal affection towards them too. Lastly, “Puja” establishes harmony amongst the deity and the worshipper that eliminates the dissension within them.
Author CF is a religious scholar because he/she is imagining their self as an insider giving explicit details, but provides an objective analysis on the Hinduism ritual “Puja”. By providing the standards and norms of this Hinduism ritual, Author CF is displaying the characteristics of someone …show more content…

Majority of the questions and answers are particularly directed toward people of the same religion. Author JC is an example of a religious practitioner because he/she promotes Christianity, and defends the idea that Christianity is the dominant religion. While religious studies are founded upon religious scholars who objectively analyze a culture while bracketing their original beliefs and values. Author CF is an example of a religious scholar, because he/she objectively provides information about the ritual “Puja” in Hinduism. Author CF never makes judgements about the religion that he/she is studying and never provide justifications of what he/she believes about

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