Distinctive View About Giotto And Piero 's Paintings

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Distinctive View about Giotto and Piero’s Paintings There were many famous painters in the Pro- Renaissance period and Early Renaissance. Representatives were Giotto di Bondone and Piero della Francesca. Gitto and Piero paintings were a mirror to reflect Italy world in the period of Pro- Renaissance period and Early Renaissance. In addition, there were many similarities and differences between Giotto and Piero painting style, such as naturalism and humanism; religious piety with good business and religious piety with human development for needs. Obviously, Giotto and Piero were painting giant.
Giotto di Bondone was regarded as the first painter in the period of Proto-Renaissance and some scholars described that Giotto was the father of Western pictorial art. Giotto was from Florence, which was a famous city especially on the aspect of artistic centers and town of trade and textile. In fact, Giotto’s patting style is naturalism; it is more focus on the realistic stuff, so everything painting is based on real life. Dante and Cimabue might affect Giotto painting style; therefore, Giotto 's painting was more focus on the nature and reality.
Giotto created many famous paintings; one of the frescos was Lamentation. Lamentation was a fresco painting created by Giotto Di Bondone in 1305 at Florence. Lamentation tells us a story of Mary and followers are all lament for the Crist death. This fresco’s background color is blue, which applies a phenomenon of sad. In this fresco, we can
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