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This painting is of a field full of flowers and a stretch of sidewalk that ends with a sign right in the middle of it. There are yellow flowers and pink flowers. A streak of jet clouds in an otherwise uninterrupted sky. And it would be an amazing peaceful view if it weren’t for the big striped sign that declares “END SIDEWALK”. In this painting, there are two different kinds of flowers. I painted two different types to show the difference between us, society, and nature. The yellow flowers represent nature and the indigenous perspective. They are soft, bright, caring and beautiful like a chrysanthemum. The pink flowers represent society and the industrial perspective. They are jagged, vivid, selfish and striking like a red clover. Notice how the two types are separated,…show more content…
It obviously came from a plane of some sort. It’s kind of a literal representation and a symbolic representation of things. In the literal term, there is some sidewalk that ends in a field of flowers, the line between civilization and the world. But it’s not the end. Basically, we take over, we’re everywhere. Just when you think you’re out of it, there’s more. In the symbolic sense, a plane flies above the world. This line of jet fuel exhaust is here to represent that people feel as if they are above nature, that they’re superior. The most noticeable part of the painting, the “END SIDEWALK” sign, is big and flashy and very clearly not a part of nature. It’s disrupting the view of what could be a gorgeous scene, like how all of our buildings and machines interrupt the peace of nature. To me, it also represents how far we’re willing to go, how much of nature people are willing to contaminate. There’s obviously a fine line between dominance and cohabitation, and I think the industrial perspective holds a mixture of both. Nature is willing to share, and society takes what it wants, but it knows the difference between enough and too
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