Distinguish Between Developed and Developing Countries

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Di 3a) What distinguishes a developing country from a developed country (10mks) ADVICE: All the indicators are examined here with supporting statistics. There won’t be time to include statistics for all the indicators, so you’ll include those that you most easily remember). Countries can be classified as developed or developing according to the value of the gross national product (GNP) per capita. A developing country can be distinguished from a developed country by examining indicators such as the size of GDP per capita, economic structure, population growth, population structure, distribution of income, employment, trading position, urbanization, technology and provision of infrastructure. Low income and…show more content…
Developing countries are very reliant on the export of primary produce whereas developed countries export more capital and consumer goods. Developing countries are vulnerable in their trading relationships because fluctuations in price can destabilize their economies. Zimbabwe’s main exports are cotton and tobacco while that of the USA includes telecommunications, equipment, automobiles and medicine. Urbanisation is another indicator of development. Developed countries already have a high proportion of the population living in urban areas. The developing countries however still have a high proportion of the population living in rural areas, but there are rapid rates of rural to urban migration in those economies. In Zimbabwe 38% of the population live in urban areas and the rate of urbanization is 3.4%. In the USA however 82% of the population live in the urban areas and the rate of urbanization is much lower at 1.2%. They can be distinguished by the provision of infrastructure. Infrastructure includes health education and housing. The developed countries have better infrastructure than the developed country. The Human Development Index combines elements of health as measured by life expectancy, education and income to assess development. Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is 51 years whereas it is 78 years in the USA. Access to technology also differs between the two. 5% of the world’s computers are located in developing countries.
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