Distinguish between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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Explore the scientific approach to the criminal justice research ________________________________________________________________________ Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative research Quantitative or experimental research is that which is done using scientific principles in order to ensure validity (accuracy of research) and reliability ( replicability to other cases) and in order to ensure that researcher's bias as well as that of participants is excluded as much as possible from study. Quantitative studies are usually conducted in a laboratory type environment using statistical data and principles and using tools that have been scientifically approved and accepted in other reliable and valid experimental studies. The whole is conducted within the perimeters of mathematical and scientific orderliness. Qualitative studies on the other hand are conducted when plumbing for a deeper, more rich perceptive. Frequently, they lead to speculations that can then be tested in an experimental manner (using a triangulated approach). The Qualitative approach is usually done in the context of taking a specific case, group, material, or individual and conducting intensive study using one or several methods. Intense focus is placed on that particular entity with researcher's intention being to understand entity so well from entity's perspective that researcher can then gain some new perspective on the situation. Methods such as interviews, observations, journal
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