Essay on Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems

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Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems Katie Van Alstine University of Phoenix Distinguishing Features of the Major Court Systems There are two kinds of courts in the United Stated – state courts and federal courts. Each one possesses their own distinguishing features. We will look at the key players at each level as well as jurisdictional rules, interpretation issues as well as the effect of evolving technology on court proceedings at each level. State courts are established by each individual state and within the state there being local courts that are established by cities, counties, and other municipalities. Federal courts, however, are established under the US Constitution and their main focus is to decide…show more content…
Federal courts are limited to the types of cases that are listed in the Constitution and specifically provided for by the Congress. The types of cases mentioned above that are not permitted in the state courts are therefore tried in the federal courts. The defendant in the Commonwealth vs Huguely case was from the state of Maryland but the crime of Murder in the 2nd degree was actually committed in Charlottesville, Virginia, therefore the jurisdiction for prosecution lies with the Charlottesville County Circuit Court. George Huguely V was originally charged with murder in the first degree which he was acquitted of but later found to be guilty of murder in the 2nd degree and grand larceny. State courts handle a much larger volume of cases and have more contact with the public than the federal courts do. While federal courts do hear a much smaller number of cases, the cases they do hear tend to be of national importance. John G. Roberts, Jr. is currently the Chief Justice of the United Stated Supreme Court. In addition to Hon. Roberts, there are also Associate Justices, which may be a set number of individuals fixed by Congress. Currently that fixed number is eight Associate Justices. The power to nominate these individuals lies with the President of the United Stated and the appointment is made with
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