Distortion In Doctor Strange

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It's easy to go from having it all and fall straight to the bottom, but it is not easy to come back from the bottom and return to the top. As shown in Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange is a phenomenally known neurosurgeon who loses all use of his hands after a car accident. Due to the stubborn tendencies of Strange, he is left alone as he experiments in vain surgeries trying to quickly return to his successful life. Once learning of a man who said to be paralyzed, yet walked again somehow, Strange hunts him down to learn how he did it so fast. He is lead to a place called Kamar-Taj and taken under the wing of The Ancient One and learns of the mystic energy they wield while also catching on quickly and also having to stop Kaecilius- the villain. Doctor Strange wields the strong characteristics of visual distortion, abstractionism and exaggerated costuming, just like a German expressionist film. The use of distortion was superiorly used in the film as it was used with the sets and glass, especially with the Mirror Dimension, a "safe zone" to practice magic that is…show more content…
These characteristics definitely helped the film and didn't hurt it at all, but the distortion was definitely the film's main focus, as it was used the entire time, and was executed perfectly by the director. Derricksons use of these characteristics was able to effectively leave a lasting mark on the movie, even if it wasn't his intention, these characteristics were easily spotted and made the movie better from a movie goers opinion. This film, in honesty, showed even more characteristic but the ones mentioned definitely proved themselves to be the top ones to be mentioned. In conclusion, it's made clear that even in American produced films, German expressionist characteristics can be seen and found even if the intention wasn't to include
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