Distracted Driving : Not Driving

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Distracted Driving As many people may know, distracted driving has become more of an issue as the years pass. There are multiple different things that you may not even know could be causing you a distraction while you are driving. These things could include loose object rolling around on the floorboard, change jingling in a console or in a cup holder, radio turned at a high volume causing you not to hear other car horns or sirens, children or pets in the car, fixing hair and or makeup, too many passengers, making adjustments to things in on your vehicle, such as adjusting the mirrors or the seats, texting, or attempting to eat and drink. Although all of things reasons listed are capable of causing a serious distraction, texting is one of the most important to try and steer away from. People form serious texting habits and don’t realize how dangerous their actions are until it happens to them or a loved one. Texting and driving puts one at a higher risk of being in a severe or life threatening car accident. Not only is it a higher risk, texting and driving makes you 3 times more likely to be involved in an accident. “In 2013 alone, 3,154 people were killed in a car accident due to distracted driving” (Distraction.gov). “Of all car accidents, 80% are caused due to the driver being distracted”(Distraction.gov). Many people aren’t aware of how focused they should be while driving, especially teens and young adults. “Drivers in their 20’s makeup 27% of the distracted drivers
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