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Distracted Driving
Lexie Mendick
The University of South Dakota Improvements in vehicle safety are a huge public health concern that impacts every individual behind the wheel of a vehicle. New technology systems developing are increasing the risk of injury in motor vehicles across the United States. Drivers are becoming more focused on the gadgets and multiple distractions in the vehicle, rather than the driving itself. Distracted driving can be considered as eating, using a phone, talking to peers, smoking, or any activity that requires a person’s attention while driving. The most prevalent distraction is the use of cell phones and electronic devices. According to James & Joseph Bernstein, “the impairments associated with using a cell phone behind the wheel are on par with those of drunk driving, and the US National Safety Council has implicated device usage in 26% of all vehicular crashes” (Bernstein & Bernstein, 2015). Distracted driving can be difficult to decipher what is considered a distraction while on the road. Distracted
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The high school programs were set up to help students prevent injuries from distracted driving (Adeola & Gibbons, 2013). “Although both impaired and distracted driving require significant attention when comparing preventative measures against preventative injury among teens, it has become increasingly important in recent years to recognize distracted driving as a public safety issue and to act accordingly” (Adeola & Gibbons, 2013). The Center for Injury Prevention and Policy offers prevention programs to high-schools in the effort to reach out to teen and young adult drivers about the risks of distraction while driving. Although many programs have been set up to help decrease numbers on distracted driving, none have been proven to be effective with decreasing injury due to distracted driving (Adeola & Gibbons,
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