Distracted Driving (Psas)

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Each day in the United States, 8 people on average are killed in a distracted driving related accident (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). Distracted driving can constitute anything from talking on the phone to reaching for a fallen object while driving. One way people have been fighting to combat the deadliness of distracted driving is through PSAs. PSAs are Public Service Announcements, like commercials, that warn people of dangerous activities and heighten their awareness of a problem. Even if people think no one pays attention to PSAs, if even one person saw and understood a PSA, it would make a difference. PSAs are an important part of the prevention of distracted driving because it heightens peoples' awareness of the…show more content…
Around 90% of participants in a study on reception of PSAs understood the PSA "eyes on the road hands on the wheel" to mean either "stay alert" or "don't drive distracted" (US Department of Transportation, 2017). This implies that PSAs certainly get their message across when they are viewed. On average, at least 70% of participants recognized a seat belt PSA, so PSAs stick in the memory of those who view them (US Department of Transportation, 2017). According to the US Department of Transportation (2017), around 60% participants agreed that it was often or always necessary for dynamic PSA signs on roads. In addition, the majority of participants strongly agreed that it was very important to provide information on putting away mobile phones while driving. This shows that people are aware of the problem of distracted driving, and agree that awareness of this problem in others is extremely important. Finally, the participants were asked if would change their behavior if they saw a PSA that said "eyes on the road, hands on the wheel", "don't be a distracted driver", or "drive safely, text later it can wait". The overwhelming majority answered maybe, probably yes, or definitely yes (US Department of Transportation, 2017). PSAs do make a huge difference in driving behavior and give people a reminder of the consequences of distracted driving. The more immediate a reminder, the more it will affect your behavior, so PSAs on signs are even more effective than those viewed on television or in other advertising. PSAs are important parts of preventing dangerous behavior like distracted
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