Distracted Driving and Cell Phones

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Today, one of the major sources of automobile accidents is distracted driving due to cell phone use. Driver distraction can be defined as “the diversion of attention away from activities critical for the safe driving toward a competing activity” (Young 3). The dangers of driving while using a cell phone cannot be overstated, but drivers still use their cell phones even though they are illegal. According to a survey, “About 2 out of 10 (18%) report that they have sent text messages or emails while driving; about half (49%) of those 21 to 24 year olds report doing so” (NHTSA). This indicates that millions of people use their cell phones while driving everyday, and with the increased availability and affordability of cell phones, the risk can only increase. In this paper the topics that will be discussed in regard to cell phone use while driving include the brief history of the cell phone, talking while driving, texting while driving, the part of the community most affected by using cell phones, alternatives to reduce incidents, the laws that have been enacted, and the organizations that endorse no texting while driving. In a time when rapid access to information is valuable, cell phones have bridged the gap between the information and the user. The cell phone came into existence when Martin Cooper, at Motorola, developed the first portable handheld radio for the Chicago police department. The first cell phone, Motorola DynaTac, was over 2.5 pounds and could be only used to
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