Distracting Classroom Technology

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Distracting Technology in the Classroom Often when kids hear they get to use computers during their day at school they get excited, but not for the right reasons. When teachers allow their students to use technology in the classroom, it gets easily abused. This generation of kids and students are so reliant on technology to get them through the day that it has almost become a shortcut for assignments or notes. Some students also get far off task during the lesson that it reflects on their tests or assignments. Some people and some teachers believe that computers in the classroom are helpful, studies have proven otherwise. Although technology is very useful throughout the school day, students tend to distract themselves and it hinders their…show more content…
One major negative is that the assignment takes longer to complete or the student will be studying for a lot longer time than expected. The student will be busy checking social media or texting that they will leave their assignment and make up the time they lost later. This act will result in mental fatigue because of the fact that the student keeps stopping their studies and coming back to it later confuses their brain and their memory is impaired if their attention is divided. (Annie Murphy Paul,…show more content…
Most faculty and even students say that “Technology is an excellent tool students typically add to their metaphorical tool boxes, but in the classroom, its effectiveness often is diminished by the distractions it causes” (Katie Bane, 1). Technology is often used in the classroom to save time and information faster but with that comes temptations and some students can’t help but get off task. Research shows that students know technology is distracting but they don’t realize the educational penalties (Katie Bane, Brandon Thomas, 3). Kevin Smith, a political science professor, began research and he would alternate each semester between letting his students take notes online and and banning technology altogether. He discovered that his students who weren’t allowed to use technology typically scored a whole letter grade higher than the students who took notes online. (Katie Bane, Kevin Smith, 7 & 8). Another study was performed by Barney McCoy, an associate professor or broadcasting. He surveyed 777 students at 6 different universities about how the predominantly journalism and advertising majors used technology in the classroom, what advantages technology offered in school and what classroom policies they thought would successfully work to limit their use. 90% of the students surveyed responded saying that their technological use
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