Distributed Applications & Web Services - Literature Review Essay

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A paper authored by Montresor (2001) outlines a new approach, aptly christened Anthill, for designing peer-to-peer (P2P) applications based on comparisons to ant colonies. The paper proposes a framework to assist with the development of fresh protocols for P2P methodologies. The author considers how there are issues that typically apply to P2P projects such as security and routing for which conventional algorithm techniques for resolving these issues are deemed inappropriate. Therefore Anthill is proposed as a framework to support individuals in the investigation and design of innovative P2P algorithms.
The Anthill project was developed using parallels drawn between P2P systems and colonies of ants. Anthill provides an
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This means hosting a file allowing a theoretically limitless number of download users is less expensive as this technique apportions the cost of upload across these users.
The paper goes on at length to explain how BitTorrent works in detail with Cohen scrutinising methods to achieve successful yet fair to all, downloads. Cohen discusses how researchers have previously attempted to find realistic and fair techniques to do this. One strategy for fair apportioning of effort is to ensure each peer’s download rate is proportional to their upload rate. However there can be issues with incomplete downloads because some clients may terminate downloading once they have transferred the file. A discussion of the technical aspects of BitTorrent and issues is given; this includes algorithms and strategies, to resolve specific problems. An example cited is choking, which is when peers disallow downloading from themselves and for which BitTorrent includes choking algorithms which try to promote “parento efficiency” in an attempt to resolve this.
Cohen concludes that BitTorrent is now widely deployed but this article does cover many issues with the fairness of the download effort and incomplete downloading as well as relating in detail, solutions and algorithms that can resolve these issues.
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