Distributed Database Issues With Security

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Final Research Paper
‘Distributed Database Issues with Security’
Manasa Cuddalore
Lawrence Technological University

Author Note

Manasa Cuddalore (000726927), Department of Computer Science, Lawrence Technological University. This is a final research paper for 4568-Distributive Database Systems (MCS-6323) with instructor Mazin Al Hamando.


Distributed database technologies are an emerging market and bound to have a significant impact on data processing in the upcoming years. Research states that the introduction of commercial products there is more expectation that distributes database management system will take over a centralized database within the near future. Even though DDBMS is changing technologies, there are still issues. This paper is about the lack of security in a distributed database and how we can improve it in many ways. The distributed database is a collection of database, stored at various sites of the network; therefore, security is an important issue.

Distributed Database Issues with Security

The database is the heart of any company or organization; this is the one place where vital information stored. Data security is known to be one of the most critical components of business, banks, and even home computers (Coy, 1996). Most of our information such as client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details, etc. these information’s can be hard to replace and
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